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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Equinox Food for Thought

Happy Equinox all. Looks like we're set for a few more days of lovely sunshine and clement, spring weather - perfect for sitting in the Circle and enjoying a cup of tea :) The weather is good news for the campers as well as camping is available again in the car park for Friday and Saturday.

We'd also like to say 'Hi' and 'welcome' to all our international visitors to this site including people from Sweden, United States, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Canada, France and New Zealand.

It looks like there's going to be plenty on as well - most of which have already been published in the Avebury Circular.

Saturday night is the Avebury Open Mic so check out their Facebook group for full details.

Also on Sunday over at the Rising Sun in Marlborough Paul Cummins will be putting on an exhibition of his art work from 12 noon. For all those attending take note that they serve lunch there from 12.15pm through to 3pm.

With age of petroleum-man coming to an end is the Human species ready to evolve? Here are a couple of films that I thought might help us answer such questions. The first is by Frank Cook - he reminds me of a gentle Ent. He's got a website called Plants as Healers and an internationally renowned expert of plants as foods. In this clip he talks to us a little about the common Nettle. There are a few other videos of interest by Frank including one about Docks and another about Pines - check em' out at Eat Weeds.

This second film is by Rebecca Hosking and follows her and her family as they set up self sustaining homestead in Devon. Of particular interest is an interview with Martin Crawford (after about minute 35) who 12 years ago planted a forest that is now more productive and far far less labour intensive acre for acre than modern day farming. You can find more from Martin Crawford at the Eat Weeds site.

Also, be sure to check out Terry Dobney's new Facebook group - Avebury - Caer Abiri - Druidic Events Page. He's already listed all the observations etc through to the end of May - join the group to stay informed.

Finally, the Beltane issue of the Avebury Circular will soon be available for purchase from your usual Vendors and from this site.

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