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This Month's Moot - is in the Red Lion for 4pm!

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Lunar Eclipse

Happy New Years all. This Sunday we're still running the moot as usual - there may be one or two guest speakers but due to the time of year we'll be having one more relaxed one before we head full on into the new year.

Same time - 3pm Red Lion on Sunday.


Friday, 11 December 2009

Radio Broadcast - Labyrinthine Musings by The Inappropriate Shaman

Coooor blimey - it's all happening! Sunday night there's gonna be a radio interview - check this out.

Ever wondered what it's like to live in the middle of an enchanted stone circle and be a practising Shaman? Well you can find out on Sunday night - December 13th (her birthday) - when Shaman Sam guests on Johny Brown & Inga Tillere's Radio Joy.

Where she reports on her journeys into the Wyrd featuring Crow Pie, Druid's Knee, Liquid Lucy, Samhain soul flight and many other digressions. Frank Frenzy & Louise Luminous provide the hallucinatory soundscape to accompany these musings.

Watch LIVE at Radio Joy!

Review in yesterday's Guardian: "RADIO JOY lives up to its name. A place to find some thrilling art radio, the kind of thing that respects no boundaries and relishes the experimental"

See full review here at the Gaurdian

The show will be archived so LISTEN AGAIN at your leisure here: www.radiojoy.co.uk

And on a completely different note, a quick film about permaculture and how it's principles could change the world! I've landed lucky and am involved in a project in Calne which is looking at developing a site into a lovely permacultre experiment and so have started to discover little gems like this vid... enjoy!

Thanks Clay for sending me this.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Yule Feast!

Greetings Mooties, as per the Samhain edition of the Avebury Circular...

"The Yule Feast, now into it's seventh or so year, is a celebration of the Avebury Pagan community. The Yule Feast has been a welcome highlight in the colder months of the year for many of Avebury's regulars from every walk of life."

Sunday 20th December 6pm till 10.30pm
Location is Lockeridge, same as last year.
Sitting down for dinner is 7pm
Bring and Share (Food, Drink, Music and Stories)
Cost is a mere £4 at the door.


Sunday, 6 December 2009

December Moot - a chat by the fire.

Thank you Mooties - another splendid moot had by all. For a bit of a change we put questions into a 'hat' and then discussed each item as it was pulled out. We looked at how some of us placed more importance on the stones in Avebury, whilst others favoured the trees and wildlife. We questioned whether Paganism was just another form of religious control, talked about the pros and cons of guided meditation, about climate 'change' and even probed into the Angelic Reiki scene. And if that was not enough we also looked at: God and how 'he' might be included into one's spiritual path, how one might work with the Faeries, about vegetarianism and even about the possibility of recording future talks into podcasts... and much more.

Thank you everyone for turning up and for contributing to this month's moot - a blinder!

Some Videos and Links sprung to mind on some of the topics talked about.

The Author of the Vegetarian Myth (a challenging read for veggies like myself) - check Lierre Keith's site and read the first 20 pages of her thought provoking book here.
Here's a quick vid of her speaking as well.

The Anti Terrorist gives his spiritual take on life - sparked by the talk of life being a game that should be Played Well.
This is the fist part of a two parter - sometimes these lock up when you try and view them - simply reload browser and skip the first minute.

We mentioned Podcasts and also Neil Kramer so I'll point you towards his blog here.
He talks a lot about awakening of consciousness, imagination and transcending conspiracy... you can check out the talk below which was aired on Red Ice Creations a while back. Now Red Ice are cheeky and try and charge you for 2nd parters but you can find the rest of the talk on youtube

Finally, a nod towards Botany in a Day by Thomas J Elpel - a fantastic resource for you budding foragers.
Frank Cook (in the below vid) talks a lot about Elpels work...

Watch this space for a breakdown of Avebury during the Yule period... there's a lot happening.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Mellow Moot

This month's moot will be a more mellow affair with an opportunity for discussion on everything. It's been over a year since I started supporting the moot and during that time we've tried out a fair few things - different locations, types of speakers... all sorts. So now I'm keen to hear what else you'd like and to hear any ideas about anything moot related.

So we have a more relaxed affair for tomorrow and there's no speaker booked this time round - a more mellow pre yule warmer :) We might even venture into the famous realms of 'questions in a hat"... maybe :)

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