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This Month's Moot - is in the Red Lion for 4pm!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Hail & Welcome!

Hello Mooties, Solstice is upon us!! There's a few confirmed bits n bobs taking place over the weekend and we thought it best to share:)

On Saturday at 2pm we have the Free and Open Gorsedd. At some point, usually at about sunset, we should also have the company of the King's Drummers which is not to be missed!

Then on Sunday we have the sunrise at 4.43am and sunset at 9.21pm. Also at 1 pm there is the Gorsedd of the Bards of Caer Abiri (they muster outside the outside the Stones restaurant from 12pm).

There's always lots lots more going on over the weekend including drumming, dancing and plenty of other circles and ceremonies.

I hope you all have an illuminating and fun Solstice

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Solstice and a Peaceful Rebellion!

Greetings all. During the next couple of days we at the Moot should have a pretty good idea of what's happening over the Solstice weekend, so if you are keen to find out what's going down then keep an eye on this site.

On Saturday the Moot travelled to London to check out a peaceful rebellion! You see, it seems that a bunch of people that like to question stuff have come up with this idea that we, the people of Britain, have a constitution (that's why it's called a Constitutional Monarchy) and that our Bill of Rights (and the Magna Carta) are being dissolved and hijacked by treasonous MPs, Police, Lords etc. You might say to yourself, "wow, heavy man!" And too right - can these people really be onto something? If they are then we'd better start telling the Irish… they're going to voting on something pretty important soon.

Anyway, one of the talkers is a very likeable and funny man called john: harris - he recently gave a similar presentation in stoke I think.

john's website is

and you can get more info from the British Constitutional Group and from BBC5 TV :)

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Moot - Truth Serum

This month's Moot was brought to us by Aph who shared with us some of the information she'd gathered whilst researching vaccinations. She was very clear that she 'was no expert' and encouraged everyone to look at the data themselves. Essentially she's very interested in other people having the freedom to choose - and with vaccinations, that means getting interested in them!

During the first part of the talk Aph talked about the conspiracy, health and magical aspects of the subject. For the conspiracy part, she pointed out the in the US most vaccinations are already compulsory and that moves are ever being made to have the same policy in the UK. In regards to health, Aph told us about the heaps n heaps of research data that is now freely available, much of which demonstrates that the sides effects of taking vaccines are very harmful - see the sudden rise in allergies, asthma, diabetes and autism. She went on to suggest that, from a purely magical or spiritual perspective, to inject toxins into our systems only forms to hinder us.

Aph then opened up the topic for debate, which the Mooty audience took up with relish. Many of the people in the room had either been misinformed by healthcare professionals in the past or had had their own first hand experience of either suffering as a consequence of using pharmaceuticals or who had greatly improved their own health by eliminating pharmaceuticals.

Ultimately, the information is out there, waiting for you:) Become informed and look for yourselves - here are some of the sites that Aph used to get to where she is now.


Monday, 1 June 2009

Vaccination Vacation

This month's moot is a fascinating investigation into the world of vaccines. Our talker will be giving her views on the glut of vaccination data available, their effectiveness and how we can all make the best decisions for ourselves based on our own research.

For my own part I've often referred to the PAVE site which offers a useful resource to the vaccination debate. I've offset that with information from NHS direct and research information provided by the Pharmaceutical companies. If you want to have at least an insight into the debate it's probably worth having a butchers at the PAVE site.

As usual we'll be at the Red Lion for 2.45pm to start promptly at 3pm :) If the weather is cracking again then we may well venture into the circle - if you turn up and there's nobody about then head to the Beach Trees via the Moon Cove... we'll be along the way someplace or other.

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