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This Month's Moot - is in the Red Lion for 4pm!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Framed Drums and Puppets!

Hello mooties, here we are after another glorious month of hot sun and cool nights. This month's moot is little different than before.

For all those wanting to start the evening with something a little bit different then why not check out the Social Centre at 2.30pm. The splendid folk from the Avebury Open Mic have some very special guests called the Hand to Mouth Theatre. There is a charge of a pound for kiddies and maybe three squid for adults (I think that's what they said) - and if it's sunny and hot then it may even be held on the green out the back of the hall. I think this show will be something special - especially for the little ones... puppets!

Those who can't make this can then up for the first part of the Moot for 3pm where we'll be hearing any announcements and taking the opportunity to grab a drink.

And here's the neat bit. At 3.30pm we'll all go down to the hall and almost morph into the Open Mic. Our special guest Alistair will be on hand to take us though a workshop for Bodhran drum - so any of you with a framed drum please bring them along. In fact bring any type of drum along. After this we'll then have a bit of a drum circle at the stones, weather permitting.

And remember - the Avebury Open Mic kicks off on Saturday night from 8.30pm - I've heard the line up…. It's going to be great

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