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This Month's Moot - is in the Red Lion for 4pm!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Beltaine's Moot - A Peak into Change

Happy Bealltainn - May you all be rampant and free :)

So much to squeeze into one little weekend! A weeding, a birthday, a moot, a chase, a stag and a maypole... to name but a few. For Avebury, Beltane is often one of the most lively and gentle festivals.

Moot Location

Thank you to the National Trust who have allowed us to use their facilities for this moot. So our new location is in the Learning Centre which is the building behind the Barn, situated with all the other main Trust facilities - the shop, cafe etc. If you're still not sure where that is then we're right next door to the toilets, so go to this area and follow the signs to the toilets - easy.

Please don't bring any vehicles into this area. As usual there'll be refreshments and laughter for all.

The Moot

We've reached an interesting time in our world's time line - the simultaneous onset of both peak oil and climate change. Now, the climate change part we should all know about... the media has at least insured we're all acquainted with the fundamentals. Whether you believe there's global warming, or believe it's just a scam using false science and media to bring about a world bank, world police, world government... the effects are still the same. Shortages. More tax. More expense.

Whether you believe peak oil(an oil thirsty world encountering a slowing down of oil production) has happened or not, or even if you believe it's been orchestrated as well... the effects are just the same. Shortages. More tax. More expense. At least, that's what I thought until I researched the matter a little bit more closely.

Dooooom! Dooooooooom! Well, maybe not. This weekend's fact busting talk is about how we, the people, can take personal responsibility for ourselves to build in a resilience into our very own communities to these types of changes. Meet Transition Towns. Will the ancient site of Avebury become another exemplar, a flagship leading earth-friendly systems through to a safe land where our children and grandchildren can look back and thank the gods that we, you and me, made the change we wanted to see in the world. Come along to this weekend's moot and find out.

We live at a fascinating point in history. The convergence of challenges, most particularly global warming and peak oil, have brought us to a point where we are profoundly challenged to act. We are surrounded... by individuals telling us that this means the end, that we have gone too far, that it is inevitable that life as we know it will collapse catastrophically and very soon.

Yet, at the same time, something very powerful is stirring and is taking root the world over. People are choosing life and are manifesting that in their lives and their communities. People are starting to see peak oil as the Great Opportunity, the chance to build the world they always dreamt of. As one man said during a group discussion at the end of a screening of The End of Suburbia... “we’ve just seen that the end of the Oil Age will bring about the collapse of industrial society … bring it on!”. The scale of the challenge is huge, and the obstacles are plenty, but there is an emerging energy to succeed, a sense of quickening and an exhilaration in talking and listening to each other once again, to visioning what we want and then rolling up our sleeves and starting to co-create it. This is not a denial of the scale of the challenges we face, rather a practical and instinctual response to it. In towns and cities all over the world people are asking each other “what can we do about this?”.

From transitionculture.org

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