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This Month's Moot - is in the Red Lion for 4pm!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Samhian - who's watching?

New Blood Needed! As Winter draws in and the home fires start to burn again, you’re probably wondering, “what amazing projects can I be getting on with over the next few months?” Look no further because we’re asking for some new volunteers to come and take an active roll in running, hosting and having fun at the Moot. We’d all like to see the Moot driven by the community, for the community – so here’s your chance... put you driving gloves on now and let us know what you’d like to do, see, hear... even feel hmmm.

Volunteers and needed to help on a number of fronts:
Scheduling Speakers
Hosting individual Moots
Running the Cafe
And a whole host of other essential tasks that all contribute to bringing us the chucky stew that is the Avebury Moot. If you’re interested then contact us and we’ll talk though what can be done.

This month's Moot will be offering a one off showing of the amazing little film, Erasing David. See the trailer and get you thinking caps on! We’re starting the film dead on 3pm (I mean it this time!) as we’ve got to clear out of town a few minute early this week. Bring cake.

Erasing David -


David Bond lives in one of the most intrusive surveillance states in the world. He decides to find out how much private companies and the government know about him by putting himself under surveillance and attempting to disappear, a decision that changes his life forever. Leaving his pregnant wife and young child behind, he is tracked across the database state on a chilling journey that forces him to contemplate the meaning of privacy and the loss of it.

Click here for a trailer and the website!

Come along and have a look...
Also the Moot is packing it’s picnic bag and putting on it walking boots again – that right, we’re on the move again.... keep an eye wide open here for further details.

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