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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Solstice and a Peaceful Rebellion!

Greetings all. During the next couple of days we at the Moot should have a pretty good idea of what's happening over the Solstice weekend, so if you are keen to find out what's going down then keep an eye on this site.

On Saturday the Moot travelled to London to check out a peaceful rebellion! You see, it seems that a bunch of people that like to question stuff have come up with this idea that we, the people of Britain, have a constitution (that's why it's called a Constitutional Monarchy) and that our Bill of Rights (and the Magna Carta) are being dissolved and hijacked by treasonous MPs, Police, Lords etc. You might say to yourself, "wow, heavy man!" And too right - can these people really be onto something? If they are then we'd better start telling the Irish… they're going to voting on something pretty important soon.

Anyway, one of the talkers is a very likeable and funny man called john: harris - he recently gave a similar presentation in stoke I think.

john's website is

and you can get more info from the British Constitutional Group and from BBC5 TV :)

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