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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Chippenham/Calne Moot & The Age of Stupid

...is a Film by Franny Armstrong who is a very very good friend of the band Luminous Frenzy. The Frenzies have dropped me a line to ask for all us at the Avebury Moot to offer support to Franny. You see, Franny has been very concerned about the issue of climate change and during the last 6 years has been on a fantastic journey to make a film about the issue. Her hope is that the film it will touch the hearts and souls of all those that watch the movie. Her dream, through hard work and determination, has become reality and in a few weeks Franny's organising the world's biggest Film Premiere (the 'People's Premiere') with simultaneous screenings around the country on Sunday March 15th. For those that live close to Avebury it's being screened at the SWINDON EMPIRE Cinema, Greenbridge Retail & Leisure Park, Drakes Way, Swindon, SN3 3SQ Box Office: 0871 471 4714. What's important is that sufficient numbers show up for the Premiere so that the film gets out for a proper general release. So by seeing the film on Premier day you will be supporting Franny and her work to raise awareness of Climate Change. Go to the bottom of this article to see a news report and a trailer for the film :)

Calne Moot - on the first Thursday of every month Calne hosts the Chippenham/Calne Moot - and a very warm and friendly moot is is too. Last night the guest speaker was John who gave a talk about dowsing with rods and geopathic stress. According to John the Earth is criss crossed with ley lines which are forms of energy or radiation that flow across the landscape. Sometimes these energies can become contaminated be waterways, pipes, power lines etc and are transformed into unhealthy ley lines. Long term exposure to these unhealthy ley lines can result in a condition called geopathic stress which weakens the immune system and causes the body to spend too much time on protection and repair rather than growth and rest. In fact one of the tell tale symptoms is the feeling that you're not getting enough sleep, even when you are getting plenty of sleep time wise. John gave us a demonstration on how to locate and divert unhealthy ley lines so that conditions like geopathic stress can be eliminated.

For more information about Luminous Frenzy go to their website where you can even listen to a few of their tunes. A few of the band members recently came to the Avebury Open Mic and played a few numbers for us there. For more information about the Avebury Open Mic join join their group on Facebook.

Finally, we're in the process of booking speakers for the Moots and we would like to get the next 6 moots booked in so that we can properly advertise who's doing what and when. Please email in to wyrdmagus@gmail.com if you are interested or call Marcus on o9741 839 73o. You can even put suggestions of the Facebook group or add a comment to this article if you have some good ideas about who we could invite.

Enjoy the weekend :)

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