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This Month's Moot - is in the Red Lion for 4pm!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

November's Moot - 'Creating the New Aeon and Averting Apocalypse!'

The following communication was sent to us by KaosCrow:

"This talk and discussion follows on from last Septembers Moot, 'Occult War for the New Aeon' in which we examined the many and various schools of thought and theories of impending Apocalypse and whether or not shadowy occult cartels manipulate human evolution.
Taking the conclusion that whatever the causes, or indeed whatever the 'truth' behind the scenes, we cannot escape the fact that civilisation stands on the brink of a collapse of monumental scale. Our symbol for that talk was Atu XVI, The Tower.

Over a year has passed and the world slips further toward disaster but from the ashes the phoenix can rise... If we've the will to change and to direct that change for humanities benefit.
We now take Atu XX, the Aeon, as our symbol as we examine how we can change and adapt our ideas and thinking in order to gestate a fundamental change in the direction of human evolution. Be under no illusions some of your deepest held beliefs will be challenged by this talk and if no-one walks away without at least some of their beliefs in tatters I will be dissapointed!

Hail Eris!"

See you at the Red Lion at 4pm on Sunday the 6th of November - there will not be any Hot Dog Buns this time round.

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