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This Month's Moot - is in the Red Lion for 4pm!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Nebuchadnezzar has launched.

Greetings mooties. Good news, the Avebury Moot's new Radio Station has been launched - the Nebuchadnezzar Radio Broadcast. It's taken some time, fun and effort to get this underway. From now on, the majority of the Moots will be broadcast across the matrix for everyone to listen in to. You can tune in to the most recent Moot right hereherehere.

The next Moot on the 7th of March, which is the day of my 53rd solar cycle *hem*, is to be presented by the Stag of Avebury, Steve. He'll giving us a talk on, "Avebury and the great moon cycles." Steve, next time we'll be able to get the broadcast out more quickly so that listeners will get news that's still in date;) Once again the Moot will be held at the Social Centre, which is in front of the nursery, opposite the church, on the High Street.

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