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This Month's Moot - is in the Red Lion for 4pm!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Beltane Moot

Greetings Mooties, summer is here and Beltane is literally around the corner. As numbers are normally quite high at Beltane we're going to put ourselves in the Circle (weather permitting) and have ourselves some fun drumming. Several very experienced drummers will be along and everyone will have the opportunity to slap away at some skin, rattle some rattly things and maybe even chant some.

For those coming for the weekend then Friday morning just after 5.00 am is the starter, when everyone gathers for the sunrise at 530. At this time there will be the usual jolly atmosphere and 'hail n' welcomes', along with the fab Maypole dancing. Plenty of other activities will also be taking place, including the Free & Open Gorsedd Saturday at 1pm.

So remember, 2.45pm on the Sunday at the Red Lion for the Moot that will start at 3.00pm. If we've already disappeared then head over to the Moon Cove... or just follow your ears :)

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