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This Month's Moot - is in the Red Lion for 4pm!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Ancient Anomolies - Moot - 1st February 2009

This month we were joined by Andy who kindly imparted some of his extensive understanding of ancient anomalies.

The first part of his talk centred on the giant stone works found all over the world, in particular Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico and Egypt. In Machu Picchu for example, there are examples of 10 ton blocks that have been carved to perfection and lifted 2.5 km and then interlocked with scary precision that still puzzle modern day engineers. In Andy's fascinating report, he also told us, amongst other things, about the sheer weight of the blocks used to make the pyramids.

Andy then went on to point out that the great stone works of Avebury and all of the connecting sites, clearly demonstrate that past civilisations had a clear understanding of our solar system and how the planets moved etc. He then pointed out the Christian O'Brian had discovered a line of stone markers in Essex called line A - oddly the markers are curved to the same extent of the meridian of the Earth... so we knew that the Earth was a sphere in 2500... now that certainly does not correspond with our ideas of megalithic culture and roaming Celts.

After talking in some depth about the Olmecs, Andy finished this amazing journey of discovery with querying how it could be that Egyptian mummies could have been found to contain within their inners, compounds that could only have originated from the Americas.

After the main talk Andy was kind enough to come back and spend some time running through some questions and answers. Clearly, if one considers the sheer volume of evidence available to us then we can only conclude that there were once great civilisations on this planet potentially greater than ours today. Furthermore, why are these not noted in our history books?

For further reading why not start here!

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